3.5 Ton 13 Seer Rheem Air Conditioner



For those who want an efficient large air conditioner for their spacious house s or conference rooms, consider the 3.5 Ton 13 Seer Rheem Air Conditioner. However, it used for cooling purposes only but you can there is an option for a heating system. It features a 2 Stage air conditioner which has a horizontal or down flow supply, an R-410A refrigerant which complies with Energy Star Efficiency requirement, hence e making it a great deal for the regular homeowner, who cares about how much he spends on utility bills. Some of the units are an All-in-One package, which includes a condenser with a blower, which scraps of the need to have an indoor air handler.

Rheem Central Air Conditioning Repair Service

It has a painted louvered steel cabinet, which comprises of an easily accessible control box, for those who wish to change some worn out parts in it. It has condenser coils that are made from copper, which assists in the less heat emission from the system. The cabinet is further enhanced with aluminum fins for better cooling of the air conditioner. It has a grille or motor mount that enables a quieter fan for those who seek quiet rooms, either for study or relaxation purposes. For purposes of better air being distributed to the room, a Bi-Directional Filter drier is installed. It enhances in the cleaning of air sucked in and reduces the amount of dust, harmful to one’s respiratory system, therefore providing a safer and fresher breathing air. It is fitted with a time Compressor Time Delay Control Unit, which helps you to manage the best time to turn on or off the air conditioner. Its timer is advanced since it features a timer that can be set to automatically turn it on or off. This helps in time when you tend to forget to switch it off whilst in a hurry. The unit has a sound enclosure installed in it to give you peace and quiet for your leisure, studies or sleep times. Wind noise emitted from condenser can at times be really frustrating to one’s ears.

The air conditioning unit can be installed outside, at the rooftop or on the ground, hence making it the best deal for single or multi family, as well as schools, offices, hotels, banking halls, library halls, lecture halls or hospitals. The units are designed in such a way that they provide a year round regulated environment. As stated earlier, this unit is for cooling only, if you insist on having a heating element in it, do check for its heating unit adjustments.