Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement is Worth the Initial Investment

Air-Conditioning-Maintenance-Agreement-is-Worth-the-Initial-InvestmentAir conditioning units are arguably some of the most resourceful equipment in both residential and commercial premises. They cost a significant amount of money to put together but every penny spent is worth it. The benefits are immense and valuable. They help in enhancing the indoor air quality through removal of dust, dirt and pathogens such as dust mites and bacteria. This guarantees you and your family a very homely atmosphere to live and grow in.

Just like any other system, air conditioning units have a lifespan after which their operations come to a halt. According to the manufacturers, most of the ac units do not last beyond 15 years. This aside, a shocking study done by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed that many of the ac units do not live past the 6th year. As cited in the report, this is occasioned by poor and uncoordinated servicing of the units.

Having a regular maintenance plan is very good because you will be guaranteed that your unit will be checked every now and then. This also gives you total peace of mind knowing that your HVAC unit will not suffer regular emergency breakdowns.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement

This is a contractual arrangement that you enter with an ac contractor. Once signed, it becomes a binding document to both parties with each having a role to play. While the contractor will be under an obligation to service your ac units in line with the agreed upon schedule, you too will have a role to play. You will be responsible for ensuring that the payments are done in time and the correct information is relayed to the contractor concerning the performance of your air conditioning unit.

Is It Worth The Investment?

Well, this is a question that many people ask especially those who have not had any experience with an AC service plan. Some homeowners see such an arrangement as a clever way of fleecing them of their money. Others on the other hand feel that it is too much and may not measure up to the benefits they receive. Such homeowners opt for makeshift and temporal ac repair arrangements whenever their system suffers a breakdown. Below is a look at the benefits that accrue to you as the homeowner when you enter into an Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement with a reliable HVAC contractor.

Longer System Lifespan

It is in the public domain that installing an ac unit is not a simple task. It involves a lot of money and it is viewed one of the major capital investments in homes. The desire of every homeowner is for their ac system to serve them all through its useful life. Lack of scheduled repairs shortens such a lifespan necessitating that you replace it sooner than later with another unit. To prevent such occurrences, you need to enter into an Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement. This will assure you that your heat pumps, furnaces, filters, condensates and all other components are checked on a regular basis. This will eventually lengthen the lifespan of your HVAC unit thereby serving you longer.

Improved System Performance

A regularly serviced ac system has a higher performance compared to one that is serviced sporadically. The performance of any HVAC unit is measured by the cost benefit model. The output vis-à-vis the input should make economic sense. An Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement guarantees you that your refrigerants, condensates, filters and evaporator coils are inspected regularly, cleaned and replaced where necessary. This boosts your AC system performs. Such a system also consumes less power meaning reduced electricity bill expenses.

Discounted Prices

When you become part of an Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement, you get priority treatment which means even the amounts you pay will be heavily discounted. AC contractors do this intentionally to keep you for good. Being a regular customer you could also enjoy some bonus services such as free filter replacements, HVAC audits and other goodies. Some of the benefits that contractors enjoy with the brands they represent can also be passed down to you.

Preferential Treatment

When your AC breaks down, all you need to do is just to dial the contractor’s number and he will come running. Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement gives you a special pass to accessing priority services. This makes you have total peace of mind knowing that you are always covered by the fastest and most efficient response unit.

Documentation of Maintenance

Every time your ac units are serviced you need to have documentation that reflects the same. This is especially important when claiming warranties. Documentation is the ultimate proof that indeed you deserve to be reimbursed or compensated as a result of an ac system failure. When you are part of an Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement, the ac contractor will keep this documentation for you as backup.

Each of these benefits is crucial and worth sacrificing for. It is a win-win situation and most of all you will enjoy indoor air quality at its best.