Getting Rid Of Cigarette Smell From Home AC Unit-It’s Easy

Getting Rid Of Cigarette SmellThe constant smell of smoke, particularly from cigarettes, can be an annoyance that develops into a real problem i.e.causing allergic reactions or headaches. When the smell of smoke is coming out of an air conditioner (AC), it can smell even more intense. Eliminating the smell takes a little work, but it can be done thanks to the many serviceable parts of an air conditioner that will allow for access to complete cleaning. This article is on how to get our cigarette smell from my ac unit.

You will need a washrag, towel, fin brush and vinegar

Begin by removing the air filter from the front of the air-conditioner. The precise process will vary depending on the air conditioner. In most instances, the filter slides out from the side or the front grill tilts forward for filter removal.

Proceed to soak the air-filter in warm soapy-water before scrubbing it clean with a washrag. Be sure to allow the filter to air dry before it is reinstalled. Mix a spray bottle with a fifty-fifty mix of distilled water and white vinegar. N/B: There instances where you may be required to replace the air filter.

Afterwards, spray the shell of your air conditioner with the solution & then scrub it clean with a washrag. Proceed to wipe the unit dry with a clean towel before inspecting the housing for any residual-residue. In the event that you find any, repeat the process until it is completely eliminated.

Proceed to vacuum dirt out of the coils on the inside of your air conditioner. The coils were covered by the filter before you removed it. Be sure to also vacuum the coils on the backside of your home air conditioner even though the coils face outside the home.

At this point, you can begin spraying the coils with the vinegar & water solution & then scrub them with a clean fin brush. While at it, rinse the coils with fresh water. Be sure to do this with both sets of coils.

You should then proceed to spray the ducts with the water & vinegar solution you prepared before wiping them clean with a washrag. Make sure that you dry the ducts with a clean towel. There may be instances where you might be required to replace the entire duct system.

Place the filter back into the air conditioner. Your air conditioner is now cigarette smoke free.

You may install Ultra-Violet (UV) light on your air conditioner for air purification. Modern UV rays lights are designed & installed in the AC to remove chemical odors, smoke, air pollutants and viruses contaminating the air. The UV lights are often installed in the ducts since this is where most of the problems begin.