How AC Compressors Works?

how ac compressor works

how ac compressor works

The AC compressor is generally referred to as the air conditioner and is used in offices, in homes and in schools or any other place. The air compressor has been designed to compress or consolidate air inside a tank. To understand how the Ac compressor works, an example of how our lungs work when we seize our breath blow into a balloon might be of help.

The air is sucked in and then compressed and its strain is increased while its volume is decreased. Generally, the air conditioner uses what is known as centrifugal compressor to propel a fluid known as refrigerant into a sequence of chambers. The centrifugal compressor works like a fan that has many blades that resolve at a very high speed.

The fast revolutions pressure the refrigerant to the exterior of the blades and it is thus constrained to shoot out of the other end of the condenser. The compressor must build up lots of force because it is a pressurized coil. The refrigerant is pressurized and then packed compactly into the condenser.

AC Compressor is the hurt of you air conditioning system

Any fluid that is pressurized will heat up and when the refrigerant discharges into the condenser coil, the heat sips out into the air thus cooling the fluid down.  The refrigerant will then sip through a small spout and into the evaporator coil which is a low pressure coil. This result is the depressurizing of the refrigerant making it cool down very fast in the same manner that it heated up because it was pressurized.

It is this cool liquid that will pass through evaporator where a fan will blow into the evaporator. This results in cool air being blown out of the air conditioning unit. This will slowly heat up the refrigerant.

Once the refrigerant has passed through the evaporator, the liquid is then sucked back into the compressor. The entire process starts again and will be repeated over and over again.

To understand the entire process, what the air conditioning compressor actually does is that it actually circulates feron gas. The compressor will push the feron through a tube and into the condenser where it is cooled. After it is cooled it is turned into liquid form and passes through the evaporator which will cool the atmosphere.