How to know if you need a zoned AC system

zoned AC systemHave you ever had the problem with cold spots and hot spots in your home? Maybe you wake up in the morning and your bedroom hot and humid, but when you go into your kitchen it is nice and cool. This can be pretty annoying and you might consider that your air-conditioning unit is not working properly. Although that could be true, that is not always the case.

Why a single house can have so much temperature variation?

There are many reasons that a home can have different temperature throughout. Kitchens and bathrooms are generally tiled and can feel cold in comparison to living rooms and bed rooms. Some rooms are cosy because they are insulated by the exterior rooms. Windows in a room or an outer shade can make a difference to the temperature in the room. Even the direction of the window and the room can make a difference. As a result each room or set of rooms will need a different amount of air conditioning to make it the temperature you desire.

Why do you need zoned AC system?

You might have these variations in temperature in your house and you may not be able to get your living bed room comfortable if your thermostat is in the living room. Also, if there are rooms in your home that you don’t use as often you may not want to spend the money to cool them.

The best way to address there issues is with a zoned AC system. If you have children as well as aged family members in the house this zones AC system is a blessing as the later might want to stay at a warm zone while the children might want a cold place to play and enjoy. If you have a multi-story home you might need the system because there can be a large temperature variation between floors.

The bigger the house greater is the need to have a zoned AC system.

How does this work?

The house is divided into several zones and a thermostat is fixed at different locations from where you can control the temperature easily of that zone. Each thermostat will then only control the air conditioning for those rooms. You will now have the flexibility to choose the temperature of each zone and control them independently of each other.