How To Replace An Air Conditioner Thermostat, Step By Step Guide

Air Conditioner Thermostat

Air Conditioner Thermostat


Thermostat is one of the most essential parts of any home air conditioner because in absence of a thermostat AC would never stop without turning of the power. Thermostat regulates the temperature of your room as well and if it gets any problem in it, it can make your room much cooler than required. In case you are experiencing this problem in your Miami AC as well and you do not know how to replace air conditioner thermostat, don’t worry here is a step by step method to do that.


1. Security is the most important thing that you need to remember so first switch of your main power supply so you can work without worrying about electric shock.


2. Now remove the thermostat from its external plate. For this you would need to unscrew those screws that keep thermostat at its position on the mounting plate. While removing the thermostat from this place, make sure you do not damage the glass mercury tube that is inside the thermostat.


3.After that, mark the arrangement of thermostat cable with the help of a masking tape. Now remove the screws from terminal and remove all the cables from the thermostat. After that unscrew the plate and remove it from wall. Now check the ends of wires for any kind of burning splitting or frying and if you see any burnt end, cut it with a cutter and make new end. Here, make sure the loose wires do not go inside the wall so wrap a pencil or stick around it.

4. Now take a new mounting plate and place it on the wall at same position where your old plate was there. If both are the same design and shape you do not have to worry about the screw and you can tight it at its previous place. In case you are using a new design mounting plate make sure you put it in a straight line and mark the position with the help of a pencil. For positing you can take help of a level. After marking the position of new plate, take help of drill and plastic screws anchors to create a place for new mounting plate.

5. Now unwrap loose cables from stick and thread them into the holes of new mounting plate. After that, attach the mounting plate on wall with the help of screws. Now check the level again to make sure it is in a straight line.


6. Now attach all the wires of thermostat as it was attached previously. Tight the screws and plate the thermostat on mounting plate. After that, set the clock of thermostat with the help of users guide of your thermostat and now attach the front cover of your AC.


7. Now turn on the main switch of your power supply and verify that your thermostat is working properly or not.