Solar Powered Air Conditioning

Solar Powered Air Conditioning

Solar Powered Air Conditioning


The future of air conditioning systems relies upon Solar Powered Air Conditioning. This is a new method with its own process and benefits. Solar air conditioning systems are the most efficient and cost effects type of Miami air conditioning system out there.

How it works

This air conditioning system as said so in its name is run by solar energy. This solar energy is collected within the evacuated tube solar thermal panels. Once the thermal energy is collected it is then taken to the solar generated chiller, which uses an antifreeze solution, known as Corn Glycol. This is not a complicated system but its precise design of pipes, pumps, and controls allow for it to be perfectly effective and efficient.
People wonder how this system will be able to work in winter time. Well even when the outside temperatures are below freezing, the evacuated tube solar thermal collectors are able to generate enough heat. The system is created so that this heat can be transferred into the home. This system reduces and practically eliminated the need for the operation of a heating system.

Environmental Benefits

Air conditioning systems around the United States are around five percent of the electricity produced. This large amount of people using cooling systems adds around 140 million tons of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is thought by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy to be that greenhouse gases are the cause of global warming so if there is less creation of greenhouse gases, hopefully global warming will slow down. When using the solar air conditioning system the major benefit would be the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Personal Benefits

The major benefit to you is there is less money to be spent on your solar air conditioning system. Your utility bill will be lower since your air conditioning system takes up 50% of the bill and this new system barely uses any electricity, if any. Also you will save money on maintenance of your system because solar air conditioning systems have low maintenance levels.  

When it comes to Solar Air Conditioning Systems there is nowhere to go wrong. With this air conditioning system you are helping the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emission and helping yourself with a lower utility bill. Solar Air Conditioning Systems are the future, make the switch today and help our environment and yourself.