The advantage of having multi speed motor on your ac

The advantage of having multi speed motor on your ACIf you are considering purchasing a new central air conditioning system something that you should consider if getting one with a variable speed motor. Many people are not aware of this option at all and therefore get one that simply runs at full speed or shuts off. When the thermostat calls for the air conditioner to turn on, the unit begins to run at full capacity with the motor running as fast as possible. Ultimately this is not a very efficient way to operate.

A multi speed motor will allow the unit to run at slower speeds therefore saving valuable energy. It is estimated that about 80 percent of the time the unit will operate on one of the slower speeds. In the event that the temperature is very hot then the air conditioner will turn on the high speed and cool down the home faster.

The main advantages of having a multi speed motor is maintenance costs and energy savings. Maintenance on these systems is generally very low because they are so reliable. You will also see an increase in energy efficiency. Since the unit only runs on high when absolutely necessary you will save greatly on your electric bill. In some cases the savings can be quite drastic.

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The other benefit of a multi speed motor is that they can also overcome obstacles like clogged air filters and obstructions in your duct work. If there is a problem such as this the motor will increase in speed in order to keep the home at the temperature that you desire. If the airflow is restricted for some reason the motor speed will easily overcome this.

Another benefit is the noise level that a single speed generates is louder than a multi speed. The reason for this is that when a multi speed unit turns on it starts with the slowest speed and gradually increases as a result most people don’t even realize that it is running.

If you are looking at new air conditioner units then you would probably find that a multi speed unit will greatly benefit you. There may be a small difference in price but it will be worthwhile. You will find that the unit runs quietly and more efficiently than the single speed variations.

Regardless of your decision always make sure to have the unit installed by a licensed and insured HVAC company. You may have a friend or family member that offers to help, but that can end up costing you more money in the end if the unit is not installed correctly.