UV Lights in Your Air Conditioner

Stop and think, where do you spend the majority of your time. Let me answer that for you, well you spend anywhere from 60 to 90% of your time indoors, whether it be your home, office or school. Don’t you want the air you are spending most of your time in to have the best air quality it can. It is shown that indoor air quality can be 5 to 100 times more polluted than the outdoor air quality. Studies continue to show not cleaned air cause illnesses. Don’t let the time you spend indoors harm you. Clean your air better with UV lights.

UV lights in your Air Conditioner

UV lights are being shown as the most effective way to clean your air. UV light disinfection system has been used in hospitals for years and in the past several year it is being put into use to clean your air. The Center of Disease Control or otherwise known as the CDC recommends the use of UV light and HEPA filters within your air conditioning system to have the best air quality. There was a study of 771 workers within three office buildings where UV lights were installed into the air conditioning systems. The results showed that 99% of germs from surface areas were eliminated and breathing problems lowered by 30%. Don’t believe companies trying to sell you UV light air cleaners but believe the facts, the do clean the air and better your health.

The process of UV lights in your Air Conditioner

There are specific UV light air cleaners that are installed into your air conditioning system, more specifically the ducts of the system. The UV lights then have rays that radiate off and break up the germs, viruses, etc. They are broken up, which in turn destroys the bacteria all together. With the HEPA filters and UV lights within your air conditioning system as recommended by the CDC will lower the amount of polluted air that is brought to your home.

The air within your home can be extremely polluted and it is only harming you. Don’t put it off you need to follow the recommendation of the CDC to keep you air quality high. Remember the better your air quality the better the health of the home.