Hot like fire hot: 8 tips to use concerning your ac usage

-is it not cooling properly?

-Have you researched proper procedures for use?

-Do you check the windows in the morning?

-Have you cleaned your filters lately?

-what temperature are you trying to obtain from your A\C?

Here is some advice for your extremely hot days:

When the sun is beating your home is going to rise in temperature. It is important to identify the times that are hottest in your home; the sun will enter and warm up the room significantly. If your home has any windows facing the sun in the after-noon it is important to keep the shade or shutter closed to prevent the sun rays from entering and warming you home. Another solution you can buy Anti- Sun windows or window tints this will prevent the sun rays from penetration your windows.

Is the window open or closed?

if you have any windows located next to the Air handler (inside unit), it would not be smart to open the window while the A/C is running and cooling your home, especially on hotter days/months, opening any window could cause your unit to over work and possibly not function properly.

If you feel the need to still open a window open a farther window to keep track on the air coming in and out.

Do you have any appliances or products that warm up the room via electricity such as a kettle that produces steam, a toaster, a laser printer, or even a washer or dryer machine? In a case where you are having issues cooling a smaller space at home or work be aware of the electricity products in the room. When you`d like to activate or run these products make sure you do it when it doesn’t provide sun load pressure and just move them to a different location where you don’t spend as much time at. It is preferable to prevent using these products during the hotter hours of the day.

What is the most preferable temperature? According to local electricity providers, the most preferable temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit; keeping you thermostat set to 77F is the best way to save according to local electricity providers. Furthermore not only the temperature causes issues cooling other important factors are humidity on certain days where the humidity percentage are %60-%80 you might need to bring adjust the thermostat to 73-74 degrees, by doing this you are compensating for the removal of the humidity in the room. Though the a\c will over work and the unit will consume more electricity, these types of days leave you with no other solution.

Should you leave the a\c to run continuous?

“zehivan”: the a\c will automatically shut off the moment the temperature in the room matches the desired  temperature on the thermostat. Although on hot days you should stop the a\c for about 5 to 15 minutes even if the desired temperature is not reached. Open up the windows and let the room cool down. Though an a\c is built to work non-stop, in some cases the air could affect some people in a negative way, they do need a break from the air whether they get out the room for a break or shut the unit. In most cases it is preferable to turn off the a\c and let cool air come in the room.

Is it necessary to dry it a little?

“zehivan”: Once you turn off the a\c it will keep on working for about 7-10 minutes make sure let the unit run to eliminate any humidity. Some older a\c have this function, if you run the unit for a few minutes it will perform the process. You just have to make sure that function is working well, because usually it doesn’t work as it should.

In addition: The accumulation of humidity and moisture affect the a\c and causes bad smell and bacteria. it is possible to fix this, most of the times it is better to call a tech, if you do decide to call a tech it is important to receive a receipt and warranty for the job.

Clogged filters reduce air conditioner output significantly.

During the period where the unit is off, it is useful to verify the filter is not clogged. You’re a\c wont cool as it should while filters are covered, sucking air isn’t good enough, and it brings down the a\c output to 30%. Usually people complain that it’s too hot or the a\c doesn’t blow cool air, they end up calling a tech, when all you really need to do is clean the filters of the a\c.

How do you do it? Because the cover of the a\c in most houses is thin, soft and breakable. You need to carefully open the cover take the filters and wash them with warm water. After you dry it completely you can connect re insert the filter to its place. If you have disposable filter they should be replaced, you should do this once a month to prevent and clogging.