AC Blower Cleaning

AC Blower Cleaning

Blower cleaning is essential to maintain the working and longevity of the appliance as well as

the blower itself. Blowers are used for all kinds of furnaces, air conditioners, leaf vacuums, snow

removing tractors, refrigerators, optical cleaning blowers and many more. The main purpose

of the blower is “cleaning”. It can either remove dust, snow, leaves, soot or even remove

fingerprints and oil tan in the case of lenses without leaving any scratch to the lens.

Dust is the cruel opposition to your appliance. You require a regular blower cleaning if using a

furnace or air conditioner; otherwise, the accumulated dust will lead your appliance to a high-

level repair and a drastically low-level efficiency. Not only that, if the dust particles go on piling

up on the blower, you may experience harmful consequences like, motor failure, fire risk, or

polluting atmosphere by aggravating allergies.

7 Steps Toward Preventive AC Maintenance

As discussed earlier, the main function of blower is cleaning. With the passage of time, the

blower itself needs a service for efficient working of the appliance. The specially designed air

blowers can dissemble for cleaning the fans and regular ac maintenance. Take the following steps

with care;

  • Before you do any blower cleaning, cut the power to your unit in order to prevent any

accidental electric shock.

  • While dissembling the blower, observe deeply how it was assembled and carefully

remove the bolts from the outer cover of the blower.

  • Vacuum away the dust visible on the blower fan.
  • The hard dust requires a proper cleaning solution that is made up of a half cup of bleach

with one gallon of warm water. Wipe the dust from each fan blade by using the cleaning

solution. For cracked dust, a soft brush will do the job. Any kind of spoiling mould will go

away with the fast action of bleach.

  • For cleaning the outer parts of the blower, use a lint-free piece of cloth and properly wipe

away all the dust. Also, clean the useable filters and replace the disposable ones.

  • When you are sure that fans are dried completely remaining no moisture at all,

reassemble it back.

  • Fix all the screws and bolts of air blower properly to avoid any excess noise or vibration.

Blower cleaning is easy, which you can try even by yourself before starting the winter in case of

your furnace or before summer at times when you need to excessively run your air conditioner.

Although filters absorb a huge amount of dust, even then a long usage demands proper service

and cleaning of your blower. Call a specialist if you find any issue with the motor of the blower.