Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is immensely significant for providing the safety of your dryer as well

as your house. The major role of the dryer is the removal of moisture created by the warm

air during drying of the wet clothes. This produced humidity is ejected outdoor through the

dryers vent. When the air does not escape out properly through the vent, you experience

“poor drying” and the inefficiency of the dryer. The air faces resistance due to the severe

building of lint inside the vent; if this is the case then you seriously require Dryer vent

Why Miami Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Important?

You should know that, a blocked and poorly maintained vent usually causes serious fires

which start with a burning smell and before you know the reason, your house is caught up

in flames. Secondly, it increases your energy consumption by burdening your budget with

an extra amount of $18-24 every month. You have to pay even more when fix any wear and

What Should You Do?

The size and design of the vent play an important role in Lint accumulation. Lint is produced

from the wet clothes through the drying procedure. The longer vent with lots of turns and

elbows piles up more lint. Shorter vents accumulate the least amount of lint. However, the

lint builds up gradually inside the dryer venting with the passage of time. It is important to

clean the lint filter after each drying cycle, but this does not finish your job regarding secure

vent cleaning. Always be alert if you experience any abnormality in the function of your dryer.

  • Your clothes take longer time in drying or do not be dried completely,
  • Clothes get hotter than normal after drying,
  • The outer surface of the dryer getting very hot,
  • More humidity in the laundry room or a slight burning smell,
  • Less opening of outside exhaust flapper

It is advised to go for your dryer vent cleaning at least after every year. Miami Cooling is available for you 24/7 quick call that’s all.

Follow the simple steps, and you will get your dryer vent cleaned in no time:

1. Unplug the dryer to prevent any electric shock.

2. Detach the hose from the vent and clean the excessive lint by using a bristled brush.

Use an industrial vacuum to suck out the clogged lint from inside the vent. Reattach

the hose and vent back to the wall.

3. Now vacuum the outside of the dryer vent or use a special cleaning brush.

4. Unscrew the exterior dryer vent that is nailed to the outside of your house. Vacuum

the buildup lint from it and reattach it back for efficient and warm outside exhaust.

5. It is more advisable to call a professional from your local area to perform your dryer

vent cleaning in a better way.