The Innovative ComfortNet Thermostat and Amazon Voice Control

With the internet of things here with us, consumers are finding greater utility in connectivity. Without having to manually operate their gadgets, a majority of homeowners are increasingly looking for innovative ways through which their lives and homes can be connected and if possible operated from a single gadget.

ComfortNet CTK04 is the latest solution which brings convenience, innovation, and connectivity to homes. This high definition thermostat has lots of features including outdoor temperature display, dual fuel, advanced diagnostics, programmable continuous fan control, and dehumidification.

In addition to the above, the ComfortNet CTK04 is easy to navigate and customize thereby putting the power literally in the homeowner’s hands.

The Features of ComfortNet CTK04

As pointed out above, the ComfortNet CTK04 thermostat comes with amazing features that give you control and easy comfort. Among the prominent features include:

Selectable Staging Options

The thermostat comes with different staging options which the homeowner can choose. This flexibility is rarely found in other thermostats and again gives you the control that you require iin your indoor space.

Customizable Service Reminders

Through this feature, you can set your own reminders for actions such as call for service, changing of filters, and warranty expiration. In short, this feature allows you to set reminders based on your needs. This ensures that nothing gets you unprepared.

Auxiliary Heat Lockout

If you do not want your home temperature to setback while you are busy at work and thus save on heating expense, you can trust ComfortNet CTK04 to do that for you. There are various ways auxiliary heat can be locked out. One of them is by the outdoor temperature and the second one is by staging from heat pump to auxiliary heat. You can find the settings on this on the thermostat under advanced settings.

Full Color Display

The thermostat has rich colors which makes it easier for you to navigate even in low light conditions. The color display also adds to the aesthetics of the thermostat.


In addition to the above features, the ComfortNet CTK04 has advanced modulation control, 4-speed selectable continuous fan speed, and on board dehumidification and humidity control.

In terms of compatibility, the thermostat is compatible with Amana, Daikin, and Goodman brands. It also supports a number of applications including 2-stage furnaces, variable speed ECM blowers, inverter air conditioners and heat pumps, single-stage air conditioning units, 2-stage air conditioning units and heat pumps, and modulating furnaces.

It is this compatibility that gives ComfortNet CTK04 the flexibility and popularity with homeowners.

Ease of Installation and Customization

If you want to include ComfortNet CTK04 into your lifestyle, it is pretty much easy. You don’t have to struggle with installation as this is simple. You can monitor and customize the thermostat with the Residential Internet Gateway and Honeywell Total Connect Comfort App to enable you manage your heating and cooling system from any location at any time.

The user interaction log allows you to access your history of setting changes thus making it easier to revert to previous settings based on your needs.

ComfortNet CTK04 Accessories

The CTK04 blends well with a number of Honeywell RedLINK accessories including Internet Gateway, Portable Comfort Control, Wireless Indoor Sensor, Wireless Outdoor Sensor, and Wireless Humidity Control.

  • The RedLINK Internet Gateway enables you to set up a wireless system with the ComfortNet CTK04.
  • The Portable Comfort Control on the other hand allows you to make adjustments from any location within your conditioned space. You can use it to change temperature settings in any zone in your system without moving an inch.
  • The Wireless Indoor Sensor gives you the power to change the sensing location of your ComfortNet CTK04 for thermostat, monitor temperature in separate spaces and change average temperature in large rooms.
  • The Wireless Outdoor Sensor is usually installed outside your home and communicates via RedLINK to display the outdoor humidity and temperature in your thermostat.
  • Last, but not least, the Wireless Humidity Control communicates and controls humidity right from your ComfortNet CTK04 without the hassle of running new wires within your home.

Alexa Voice Assistant and ComfortNet CTK04

If you want to take your home comfort to the next level by taking control of your thermostat, Alexa voice assistant will help you do that. Installing and setting it up is quite easy because all you need is to install the Alexa app and thereafter search for Honeywell within the Skills list.

The beauty with Alexa is that it opens a new avenue allowing you to command devices in your home simply through voice controls. There are a sizeable number of Alexa commands you can use to help you operate your thermostat without any manual interaction.

You can ask Alexa to cool down the kitchen if the family cooking session generated a lot of heat. The simple command for this is “Alexa lower the temperature by (x) degrees”.

If your guests are complaining or becoming concerned that the room is chilly, through Alexa you can make it warmer. The command for this is “Alexa raise the temperature by (x) degrees”.

The voice control and the fact that you can remotely command the ComfortNet CTK04 makes it a unique device and a much valued product.


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