The Trane-XB14 and Hyperion XR review

Trane-XB14-and-Hyperion-XRThe Trane XB14 and Hyperion XR air conditioner is a high end air conditioning unit for your home. This air conditioning system is built for durability thanks to the quality of the design and the major components that have been used to build it. Its Climatuff compressor is an important component that has been build to ensure its high level of efficiency and overall performance.

It has an Aluminum outdoor coil that saves a lot of energy making it one of the best energy efficient air conditioners available. In order to avoid leaks, dirt, and any other outdoor debris from entering the condenser, it uses a Dura Tuff basepan. This is what makes the TraneXB14 air conditioner not to get contaminated by sucking up outdoor debris and dirt like other condenser type units. This distinctive protective feature that has been put in place on the condenser that prevents dirt or any other outdoor debris from entering this machine and ruining your investment.

If you want to install a good home or office air conditioning system then you should think of the new XB14 and Hyperion XR. You will find that this is a quality air conditioning system that is durable on one hand and also efficient in terms of saving energy. The Trane XB14 and Hyperion XR system is considered to be one of the best air conditioning systems in the market.

This Trane and Hyperion XR air conditioning system has built in variable speed motor that always starts gradually ensuring that noise is greatly controlled. This amazing air conditioning system also uses a unique feature called the Comforrt tech which controls humidity perfectly so that you don’t have to worry about humidity at all.

It also has a feature called the Vortica blower which is specifically designed to make the machine silent and be efficient in energy consumption when it is in operation. This feature energy efficient feature will minimize energy  consumption and will help users of this air conditioning system avoid paying high energy costs.

The Trane XB14  and Hyperion XR has great features like unit reliability, efficiency and quality that make it one of the best air conditioning models available. It has a no leak drain pan which is built of a strong rust proof composite which is designed in a sloppy manner to ensure that there is no chance of stagnant water that will affect indoor air quality. It is designed in a unique way that allows for easy installation even in tough locations. It’s unique and well crafted design also gives you many install alternatives, giving you the opportunity to install it in a place of your preference.