The Warning Signs On an Inefficient Air Conditioner

Inefficient Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are worn out easily due to ignorance of possible signs that can be identified. Once ignore, they tend to worsen the efficiency of the air conditioner. However, I will highlight a number of signs that can forecast the signals for a worsening air conditioner. I hope that you get this information in time before your air conditioner is fully worn out.

7 Things You Should Check In Your Air Conditioner

1) Check out for ice formation on coils in and out of the house. This may occur due to a leakage in the gas furnace of the air conditioner

2) Check out for unfamiliar sounds caused by the duct. There may be something wrong with the particular part of the duct. Carefully examine the area and act in it accordingly

3) If you experience reduced airflow, do not adjust your current air velocity. First, examine whether all parts are clean and there is no clogging of dust in the whole air conditioning system.

4) Check put for abnormal air conditioning cycles. Whenever you feel as if the air tends to be irregularly circulated, do check around the air conditioning system for any faults

5) If you feel bad odour being emitted from the duct, do check and see what is causing this. It might be a dead rat or harmful chemicals that might have been sucked into the air conditioning system

6) Increase in electricity bills may be a signal that the air conditioner does not work well. It may be caused by the air conditioner overworking itself to meet its set temperature.

7) If the air conditioning breaker trips oftenly, this may be a signal that there is something wrong with the electricity or the air conditioning system.

These are some of the major signals that may alert you about a faulty system. Some of them you can repair but in case of doubt, do consult a professional, there is no harm in doing that.

Ensure that the thermostat is working well. If it is faulty, consider replacing it immediately.

Check around the connections of the air conditioner to see if there are faulty lines or loose connections. Tighten them up if you came across one, but if you are not sure, please seek the assistance of a professional.

Check the filters and ensure that they are working well. If they are worn out, do replace them immediately to avoid further damage to the system.

Keep the coils clean. This will assist in giving the air conditioning unit a nice air circulation for its systems.

Check and ensure that the refrigerant levels are whether they are supposed to be.

These are just but few tips that one can personally undertake so as to avoid destroying your air conditioning unit. In case of doubt, please seek a professional’s advice or better still, let a professional handle it