Top Secrets for Keeping Your Garage Cool

Keeping Your Garage CoolEvery household desires to have a garage that has a great ambiance. While some homeowners have made an effort towards achieving this, others still find it a real challenge to keep their garages cool. Installing central air conditioners and ductwork is usually seen as the solution to this but the flipside is that such systems are expensive both at the installation stage and during operation.
The following tips will help you in keeping your garage cool thereby making summer activities pleasant and enjoyable.
Insulating the Ceiling
This is an excellent way of cooling the garage and any other room within your home. You can install the insulation using staples or alternatively you can use netting that is specially designed for keeping the insulation in place. If you choose paper-backed batt-insulation, there is no need of a ceiling wallboard.

Wall Insulation

This is also another way that you can implement top stave off the summer heat. Technically, wall insulation does not have to be covered however a wallboard can be used to encapsulate the insulation material. This will prevent feisty teens, curious youngsters and pets from tearing the insulating material.

Insulate the Garage Door

Insulated garage doors play a significant role in maintaining the coolness of the garage. Alternatively, you can use wooden doors because they have a natural insulating property. By installing reflective insulating panels or polystyrene panels on the inside part of fiberglass or metal garage doors, you can effectively insulate the garage area. Ensure that the panels are cut to fit the garage door and are secured in place by taping them with the painter’s tape or fitting them between the panels.

Install Weather Stripping

Self-adhesive weather stripping installed at the bottom edge of your garage door, can help in sealing the gap between the floor and the door when the door is closed. Weather stripping refers to an insulator that keeps unwanted hot air out of your garage thereby keeping it cool. When installing the weather stripping, ensure that you run it all the way to the end of the door and cut about half an inch past the door. The ends of the weather strip will automatically splay out thereby creating a tighter seal.

Install Ventilation Fans

You can either install ventilation fans in the side walls or place them in the garage. Turn on free standing fans in order to force air out through openings such as windows or doors. Wall fans installed on either side of the garage can help in forcing air through the vent system. If you are not a DIY expert, you may have to hire a professional who will help you in installing the ventilation fans. The best location for ventilation fans is on the walls opposite the door of the garage. You may consider installing ceiling fans if your garage has a vaulted ceiling.

Caulk and Painting the Garage Door

Painting your garage door with a light color such as off-white, white, beige or cream repels the sun’s rays and radiates heat away from your garage. West-facing homes are particularly affected by direct sunlight in late afternoon hours thereby increasing garage temperatures. Caulk the gaps between the garage frame and the garage door with silicone caulk.
These are inexpensive ways to keep your garage cool throughout the year from summer to spring.