Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Working?

Why Is My Air Conditioner Not WorkingFor those of us in south Florida, a defective air conditioning is tantamount to an emergency. The excruciating and unbearable heat of summer will hit you in full force if you’re a.c. unit is malfunctioning. Most of time it’s not just one particular problem that resulted in a malfunctioning air conditioner but a conglomeration of issues that have caused an issue with the a.c. unit. Here is a list of common issues that can be easily resolved without the need for a technician;

    • Check the thermostat settings: The thermostat should always be on fan auto and a.c. cool. Having your thermostat on the incorrect settings can lead one to believe their air conditioner is malfunctioning when in reality there is nothing wrong with the unit.

  • Check air filter: Another common issue is filter maintenance. The air filter typically located right underneath the air conditioning unit must be properly maintained. A dirty filter can cause serious air restrictions and lead to the a.c. unit freezing up.
  • Clean your outdoor A/C unit: If you have never cleaned the outdoor A/C unit then that could be the problem. The outdoor A/C unit must be kept clean and clear of any kind of obstructions such as plants, trees, fences, and grass in order to cool down the refrigerant so that your home can stay cool. This can be done by using A/C coil cleaner.

If after checking all the above possible solutions your ac unit is still malfunctioning then it is time to seek the help of a professional certified technician. A certified technician can come out to your home to run a full 21 point inspection of the air conditioner to accurately determine the root of your ac problems. As part of the 21 point inspection the technician will check for malfunctioning component’s in the condenser and the air handler. He will check the condensing fan motor, the compressor, the fan belts and overall condition of the coils. Once the inspection is completed and the issue is determined a repair can be successfully rendered and alleviate your of the scorching heat of summer in Florida.

In order to continue to enjoy your air conditioner, you must follow all the advice given by your technician regarding proper care and maintenance. Failure to keep up with proper care and maintenance will result in the breakdown of your air conditioner system and cause additional incurred expenses that could have otherwise been avoided.