Why Should I Use a Dryer Vent Cleaning Service?

Dryer vents exhaust hot air and moisture from your dryer from the laundry room to the outside, whether this is through an exterior wall or your roof.

Why Should I Use a Dryer Vent Cleaning Service, Instead of Someone Else?


Restricted air flow causes the air in the vent to get hotter. While this is happening, the lint in the dryer vent causing the blockage dries out and provides the perfect kindling for a fire. If is estimated that about fifteen thousand homes catch fire because of dryer vent fires. Cleaning your dryer vents eliminates this hazard.

Energy Efficiency

When the dryer vent is accumulating lint and debris, the dryer may need to run longer or more than one cycle to dry your clothing. Clothes dryers are one of the biggest electricity hogs in your home, second only to the air conditioner and refrigerator. Even running the dryer a few extra times a month because of a clogged energy vent will add another $20 to $30 a month on your electric bill. That number goes even higher if continuously runs according to “smart” settings where the dryer keeps going until the clothes are dry.

Reducing Equipment Wear and Tear

If you do not have the dryer vent cleaned regularly, the dryer could overheat while trying to dry your clothes. This could cause components to burn out, and the excessive cycles trying to dry your clothes will shorten the life of the clothes dryer.


Dryer vents sometimes become blocked due to small animals nesting in them. This is especially true for dryer vents in walls easily reached by animals like squirrels and mice. Their nesting will introduce animal droppings, fur and parasites like fleas into the dryer vent. If you do not have the dryer vent cleaned, you could end up with nesting rodents chewing through the dryer vent hose and escaping into the house.

Why Should I Use an HVAC Contractor for Dryer Vent Cleaning Service?

HVAC contractors have the equipment to clean the vent entirely. They can clean the vent from the exhaust on the dryer to the vent outside of your home. An HVAC service can repair or replace ducts as necessary and even insulate them for you. A heating, ventilation and air conditioning service can relocate ducts if their current location lets small animals in or causes too much lint to be trapped in kinks in the exhaust duct work.